Some Good News from John Krasinski, Episode 2, Offers Hamil Treatment | Movies


Proving to be a pure force for positivity in a world that badly needs it right now, John Krasinski launched a self-effacing and powerfully entertaining YouTube channel called Some Good News. Episode 2 has now arrived and it’s more or less the same. Check it out…

This time, however, there is even more joy on the screen, as Krasinski is the target of a Zoom bomb by the cast of a certain Broadway show you may have heard of. Hamil … something. Look, this is Hamilton. If we don’t treat him with due respect, our Helen and the rest of the podcast gang won’t be happy. Oh, and he has the help of the much better half of Krasinki and even a special guest meteorologist.

If we’re honest, we’d be happy if it continues, even after all of the Corona shit has subsided. And yes, we realize it will mean season 3 of Jack ryan will be very different…


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