Slow deaths in France, Italy and Spain


Topline: Mortality rates in Italy, Spain and France – the countries with the highest number of coronavirus deaths in the world – have slow motion over the past two days, showing that national country locking policies can help curb the rate of devastation.

  • For the third consecutive day, the number of deaths in Spain has slow motion; the country had its first confirmed case on January 31, imposed a national lock March 28 and killed more than 12,400 people.
  • Italy has seen its first COVID-19 box February 20, started the national lock on March 10and had its worst day on March 27 with 969 deaths; but new deaths and diagnoses have dropped since March 21st, which means that it took the country about four weeks to flatten its curve, according to Time.
  • The first coronavirus death in Europe occurred on February 14th in France the country has imposed a the 17th of March and has now seen new deaths slow down the third day in a row.
  • Death toll keep increasing in the United States, with 96% of the country locked out, according to CNN, as President Trump announced on Saturday that the next two weeks will be the “worst yet”.
  • “We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said the Saturday.

Key context: Half the world is currently containment with global cases of COVID-19 being exceeded 1.2 million. There have been 66,542 deaths and 252,615 recoveries, a 3.8% death rate worldwide. Italy has the highest COVID-19 death rate in the world with 15,362 deaths, Spain and France behind with 12,418 and 7,560 deaths respectively. Italian authorities have discussed a “license” that would allow COVID-19 survivors to return to work, according to the New york times.


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