Skull Session: Urban Meyer is like a proud father, 99% of sport managers think it will be a football season and Chase Young wants a Hall of Fame jacket


It’s here. It’s instant millionaire day.

If you don’t follow my good buddy, colleague and expert from the NFL Draft Knower Dan Hope, this is your loss up to this point. He’ll cover the Ohio State pace tonight better than anyone. I guarantee it, or your money.

Song of the day: “Shine a Light” by The Rolling Stones.

Word of the day: Extract.

“ALWAYS BEEN LIKE A FAMILY. “ If you’re wondering what it’s going to do for Urban Meyer as he sits on his couch watching three players he coached and recruited go to # 1, # 2 and # 3 in the NFL Draft, the answer is quite simple: like a proud dad.

** On the possibility that Burrow, Young and Okudah are the first three choices: “You know Joe Burrow the year he had and obviously LSU did an incredible job and he did an incredible job of being developed and to work hard and take advantage of Chase Young, we knew from the first day that he was walking on campus, that once he and Larry Johnson got together and he became healthy (he would be great) , and the same with Jeff Okudah. He walked on campus and it didn’t take long. The first two training sessions were like “Whoa … we have one here. “Not just football, but everything … He’s a great student, a great person and a ridiculous coach, so we knew it was all going to happen. It’s pretty good to say (recruit the top three picks) that this will be the first time, perhaps in history, this has happened. “

** Seeing the players he recruited realize their NFL dream on the night of the draft: “It’s the same feeling you feel when something great happens to your child. This is how close you are to your players and Ryan (Day) obviously has the same exact approach. ..When you see this happen, it’s like when something great happens to your child. I never get more nervous than watching my own kids playing baseball or volleyball. That’s how close we are to these players. They have always been like family to us. “

And he’s going to be proud of hell tonight. This 2016 NFL draft was absurd, but watching three of your former players being announced as essentially the top three players in the draft must strike a little differently.

And there is a chance that two others will follow suit in the first round with J.K. Dobbins finding a home at the end of the round and Damon Arnette – who according to Meyer is “not a second round choice” – slipping into the first.

It’s going to be like a fucking Buckeye commercial tonight. Buckle up.

99 PERCENT. This whole COVID-19 story made me go back and forth between “everything is burning around me” and “absolutely nothing is going well, everything is fine” many more times than even my totally unstable self would admit.

It’s been wild, and the future is still largely uncertain, but if you’re looking for some confidence that things are going to be fine, I’ve got it for you – 99% of FBS sport directors believe we will have college season to some extent, although 75% do not see it start on time.

After weeks of uncertainty surrounding the next college football season, 99% of Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) sport directors polled by Stadium believe that one season will be played in one form or another.

When exactly the season begins is the biggest question. Even if the start of college football is still four months away, 75% of sport directors believe the season will be delayed.

“Given the opinions of medical and government leaders, it is reasonable to believe that a compromise on the start of the season awaits us,” said a Power Five AD.

Sixty-one percent of ADs predict that the season will not start before October or November, while 14% believe that the season will not start before the spring semester in January or February. The sport director of One Power Five does not at all expect the season to be played due to the impact of COVID-19.

There is still much to do, but I must say that I am extremely encouraged by the optimism of a collection of individuals who, in theory, would be better informed than anyone.

CHASE YOUNG IS DIFFERENT. Larry Johnson is no stranger to working with five-star talent (that’s what happens when you’re one of the best recruiters in college football), but Chase Young has always been a little bit different, and he could even say during recruitment.

Homework surprised Larry Johnson. Ohio State defensive line coach has already recruited elite players, including NFL assistants Joey and Nick Bosa, but Young has done something that few others have. He studied the coach.

“He would call, and he would say, ‘Did you train this guy? Did you also train this guy? Said Johnson.

On campus, Johnson has started building the new recruit skill set that the NFL scouts are now drooling about. He perfected Young’s natural athleticism, mastered his first explosive step, and taught him the side scissor thrust movement. He gave Young educational tapes of former players such as Tamba Hali. He saw Young become an understudy for sophomore Nick Bosa.

“Nick was his guy,” said Johnson. “He watched everything he did. “

It took Young about a year to “drink the Kool Aid,” said Johnson, but in the second year, Young intervened for an injured Bosa and broke onto the national scene with 10.5 bags. Last season, Young broke the Ohio sack record in a single season with 16.5 in 12 games and became the ninth defensive player since 1982 to be a Heisman Trophy finalist.

What separates Young from the vanguard perspectives of the elite like the Bosa brothers, said Johnson, is his versatility. He’s not just 6 feet 6 inches and 265 pounds, he was also shaped by years of fast training on Gibson’s circuit that shaped him as a ball carrier rather than a defensive lineman. Ohio State relied on Young to play several roles: he would track down the quarterback on one game and fall into the blanket the next.

“Not that the Bosas couldn’t do that,” said Johnson, “but he does it fluently. “

I think the biggest thing that strikes me about Chase Young is that there are a lot of guys who come to Ohio State and do complete physical transformations, and he looks pretty much like he was when he first arrived.

It’s just built differently, and everyone knew it from the time they watched it in high school.

The Bosas left Ohio State as some of the most technically competent pass pilots. Chase Young leaves as an absolute monster with similar skills. Good luck for the next decade, the NFL is tackling! We will introduce Zack Harrison to you in a few years.

CRIS CARTER TALKS TO HIM. Without Cris Carter, Damon Arnette probably wouldn’t have been better than a fourth-round pick in last year’s draft. A year later, he has an outside shot to go to the first round (which is the right place for the second best corner of the draft to select, after all).

Carter knew he was better than this fourth year last year, and he spoke to the Professional Football Hall of Fame to talk about what makes him so special.

He can play man-to-man, zone, border, terrain and slot. He can lock up a man, he can attack in space and he can throw blitzes.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Arnette is probably the most versatile and experienced cornerback in the draft. If you want to pass it on because he is “arrogant” and “prone to running his mouth” and maybe he didn’t take it all seriously, it’s up to you to play it when he’s a beginner for 8 years elsewhere.

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