Six residents and five staff members tested positive for COVID-19 at Greenwood Court


A total of six residents and five staff from Greenwood Court have tested positive for COVID-19 since the first two reports from the Stratford long-term care home were announced last week.

Huron Perth chief medical officer Dr. Miriam Klassen, who spoke to reporters by teleconference on Thursday afternoon, said the transmission of these and potentially other cases that have yet to be discovered has probably produced two weeks ago before people with coronavirus started to experience additional symptoms and precautions. were set up.

“We think Greenwood continues to follow all the guidelines for this epidemic – we just want to encourage them to keep doing what they are doing and they will see positive results from their actions,” said Klassen.

“… A week ago, the first case was identified. Again, this can take up to two weeks of incubation, so it’s not surprising that we identify additional cases so soon. We hope this will be brought under control. “

Klassen said she had no information on the status of residents and staff who tested positive at Greenwood, but noted that the condition of the single confirmed case at Hillside Manor, a long-term care home near Sebringville, improves.

Klassen said Thursday that 526 people in Huron and Perth counties have been tested for COVID-19. Of these people:

  • 411 came back negative, 87 are pending and 28 people tested positive.
  • Five of these positive cases are in Perth County, 14 in Stratford, two in St. Marys and seven in Huron County.
  • Among the positive cases, a man from St. Mary’s in his sixties died two weeks ago and two cases have recovered – one in Stratford and one in Huron County.
  • Among the positive cases, one under the age of 20, two are in their twenties, three in their thirties, two in their forties, six in their fifties, seven in their sixties, two in their seventies and five are 80 and more.
  • Eighteen of these confirmed cases are women and 10 are men.
  • Outbreaks were confirmed in two long-term care homes, six residents and five staff members who tested positive at Greenwood Court in Stratford, and one resident who tested positive at Hillside Manor near Sebringville.

“The Ministry of Health and the South West Region Table have updated their testing guidelines, and we continue to communicate the updated guidelines to our healthcare and long-term care sectors. duration, “said Klassen. “The new testing guidelines focused on… retirement and long-term care homes. We have already done more tests there, but now this is further reinforced… with the possibility of testing new asymptomatic submissions. “

Based on ministry and regional guidelines, the health unit also continues to expand its test parameters for first responders.

Klassen said hospitals in Huron Perth are working together to prepare not only for an increase in the number of people tested, but also for a possible surge in the number of patients admitted based on the province’s situational model.

“The Ontario Health West Table has reviewed the modeling and decided what preparations we can make and has given this direction to hospitals,” said Klassen. “So the hospitals in Huron and Perth have been informed of the number of additional beds they need to find and be ready in terms of hospital beds and intensive care, and our hospitals coordinate together and find the beds in 32 walls of our eight campuses. “

At the press conference, Klassen also mentioned that all of the new cases announced this week were linked to known cases and to clusters of cases, such as the one at Greenwood Court.

She stressed the need for people to follow all public health recommendations and obey all provincial emergency orders, especially during the holiday weekend when, under normal circumstances, family and friends gathered to celebrate a number of religious celebrations.

“For residents of Huron and Perth, marking religious events such as Easter, Passover or Ramadan – or other important occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries – will have to look different,” said Klassen. “I am convinced that we can do it while respecting the physical distance. It is important that we connect to each other in different ways this year, such as the telephone, the Internet or the outdoors from a safe distance.

“Do not welcome people inside or outside who are not already living with you. We must break the chains of transmission, which means that households must remain separate. “

Huron Perth Public Health will continue to monitor any new COVID-19 cases and will help manage outbreaks in long-term care homes over the long weekend. The health unit will continue to update its COVID-19 numbers daily at and the Health Line (1-888 -221-2133 ext. 3267) will continue to operate daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday to Monday.

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