Sinatraa is retiring from Overwatch and is said to have moved to VALORANT


Even the greatest legacy ends. Overwatch DPS player Sinatraa is leaving the San Francisco Shock, the 2019 championship team announced today. Sinatraa was last year Overwatch League player par excellence, leading the San Francisco Shock to a grand final victory over the Vancouver Titans

San Francisco shock announcement follows ESPN Esports report that Sinatraa is leaving competition Overwatch scene to pursue a professional career in VALORANT. ESPN reports that it will sign with Sentinels, the former owner of the Los Angeles Gladiators.

Sinatraa was one of the youngest players to sign a Overwatch Team of the league when the shock of San Francisco acquired it at the age of 17 when the league started. After an impressive performance in 2017 Overwatch World Cup rumors of his large salary led to the nickname “Mr. 150k. “He was not allowed to play in the Overwatch League until he turns 18 in the middle of the first season.

San Francisco Shock did not have a stellar first season Overwatch League but returned with a vengeance in 2019. Sinatraa played several damage and tank heroes in various metas, earning him the title of 2019 Overwatch MVP of the League.

Sinatraa made a statement on Twitter about his choice to leave the Overwatch scene and thanked his teammates on the shock of San Francisco.


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