Simulation shows why you shouldn’t run after someone during a coronavirus pandemic


A 3D computer simulation revealed why you shouldn’t run after someone in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ansys’ analysis shows that running side by side with someone is fine, as is running with no one behind you.

However, if you follow someone directly during your walk or run, you may experience a massive and invisible spray of bacteria.

The simulation reveals that even if you are several meters away, you could still be infected with something if the person opposite coughs or sneezes.

It is best to stagger so as not to find yourself on the firing line.

An Ansys warning said: “These simulations were designed to reproduce physical behavior under specific circumstances. They should not be considered medical advice and do not take into account environmental variations, such as wind or humidity. “

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Exercise is allowed for people in multiple countries, however, be sure to keep your distance; Just to be sure.

Another simulation also showed how much someone’s cough can spread under the right circumstances.

Scientists at Aalto University in Finland shared their 3D model showing how aerosol particles carrying the coronavirus can stay in the air for a significant period of time.

Extremely small airborne aerosol particles that are released from the airways when coughing, sneezing, or even talking have been examined – these particles can carry things like coronaviruses.

Researchers have modeled a scenario where a person coughs in an aisle between shelves, like those found in grocery stores, creating a “cloud”.

They took into account elements such as ventilation and discovered that this cloud spreads outside the immediate vicinity of the person who coughs and dilutes during the process – but it can take several minutes.

Aalto University Assistant Professor Ville Vuorinen said, “A person infected with the coronavirus can cough and move away, but then leave extremely small aerosol particles carrying the coronavirus. These particles could then end up in the airways of other people nearby. “

Jussi Sane, chief specialist at the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare, added: “The Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare recommends that you stay home if you feel unwell and maintain a physical distance from everyone.

“The instructions also include coughing up your sleeve or a handkerchief and taking care of good hand hygiene. These results are an important part of the whole, and should be compared with data from actual epidemiological studies. “

Avoiding occupied indoor areas reduces the risk of droplet infection while being close to others, which is believed to be the main cause of coronavirus infection.


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