Simon Gregson of Corrie labeled a hero after a ‘ridiculously nice’ gesture towards NHS workers


Simon Gregson is the latest celebrity to have done his part to help fight the coronavirus crisis.

Corrie’s favorite, 45, has generously donated his beloved car and motorcycle to NHS workers across the country who are struggling to get to and from work.

Speaking to Twitter, actor Steve McDonald insisted that he felt compelled to thank front-line workers, and this is the best way to find out how.

He wrote, “Dear NHS employees, I have two classic projects (car and bike) if you drive or drive and run old machines on it.

Corrie legend says he feels “bl *** y ugly” after revealing unique symptoms

“Just a little thank you. They need work! But not all of us.

“No delivery for obvious reasons. Oh, and thank you, ”he added.

It didn’t take long for the Coronation Street star to be inundated with praise messages after fans considered him a “hero.”

One touched disciple shared, “It’s so sweet of you. You are a hero, and an altruist in addition ».

Corrie star named hero after kind gesture

While others have said, “Awh Simon, this is such a sweet thing for you to do. It’s very inspiring and just shows how good the world is right now. Well done, you are an absolute hero ”.

“What a nice gesture. No doubt NHS workers will really love it, especially from someone as popular as you! “

“Okay, buddy.” We need more people like you in the world, seriously! “

Simon’s sincere gesture is even more touching because the star himself suffers from coronavirus.

Corrie legend has admitted that he feels “bl *** y ugly”

Corrie legend confessed that he felt “awful” after revealing unique symptoms, and urged fans to stay safe.

Simon has not been at work for more than two weeks after ITV bosses decided to suspend soap production in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

On Thursday, he tweeted: “The first day out of bed today is starting to feel a little better after I got the virus, my main symptom was gastric and is still terribly horrible but fortunate not to breathe. Stay safe everyone x “

Simon is recovering at home and will not have to worry about work after the bosses at Corrie have confirmed that their stars will be paid for three months.

Simon recovers at home and won’t have to worry about work after Corrie bosses confirm their stars will be paid for three months

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Showbiz Editor Choices

Regular cast members were relieved to learn that their contracts would be honored regardless of the number of episodes in which they appeared.

Soap stars, who receive an annual base salary with bonuses for appearances in episodes, will be financially secure while they have to stop working.

ITV bosses have reached a pay deal with Equity, the union of over 47,000 creative artists and practitioners.


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