Simon Cowell wears an “inflatable hull suit on planes to protect it from germs”


According to Simon Sinitta, Simon Cowell always wears an inflatable swimsuit while traveling.

British judge Got Talent, 60, is said to protect himself from germs when boarding an airplane – even before the coronavirus pandemic hit the world.

Sinitta says that is why she was ready for the lockdown because she splurged on airbags for herself and her friend before flying.

The star also notes that she had wet wipes to clean their seats on planes.

She told the Daily Star, “Simon is a germaphobe. We take our pack of wet wipes and wipe the plane when we fly.

Simon puts on an inflatable coverall on planes

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“We wear pajamas. And I brought us our own flight suits, which are inflatable. These are real outfits that we wear on the plane, which are like shortsuits.

“They cover your hands and have built-in pillows and masks for your eyes, so you don’t have to touch or touch anything. “

Sinitta revealed that she bought one for herself and one for Simon

“We always wipe everything down before we sit down in our travel suits. It’s pretty funny but it doesn’t matter how crazy we are because Simon and I are stupid anyway. We just want to protect ourselves. “

It comes when the singer suggested that his relationship with Simon was “never really ended” until he had a son Eric with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman.

Sinitta and Simon were officially a couple in the 80s and 90s.

Sinitta also carries a pack of wet wipes on planes

But she hinted at other times that they were closer than just friends, before Lauren had Eric in 2014.

Sinitta told New Magazine, “There was always an element of” well, it’s never really over. “

“But when Eric was born, that was it. I would never come between his family. ”

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” [Lauren] and I was best friends. I am really happy for them, but it was difficult and caused repercussions.

“I love Eric and he wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for them. “

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