Should airplane passengers be required to wear face masks?


Flight Attendant Union Calls On Federal Government To Require All Those Who Fly – Including Crew Members And Airline Passengers – To Wear Face Masks To Protect Vulnerable Airline Employees And Stop spread of coronavirus.

Major airlines, including legacy United and portfolio-friendly Frontier, both members of the Flight Attendant Association (AFA), already require flight attendants to wear protective masks or blankets when are in service. American and Delta recently announced similar mandates. But none extends to airline customers. Only JetBlue, as of Monday, requires crew members and customers to wear a face covering during the trip. It is the first airline in the United States to announce such a policy, which will take effect on May 4 – and could help usher in a new era of flight tag.

Canada also requires all passengers to wear a face cover, and Malaysia Airlines has a policy that passengers bring and wear their own face masks from check-in to baggage claim.


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