Shailene Woodley Talks About Improvising Sex Scenes With Sebastian Stan For “Ending, Beginnings”


Shailene WoodleyNew movie End, beginnings will receive digital output now that cinemas across the country are closed and you can watch it at home next week!

The 28-year-old actress is in a love triangle with Sebastian Stan and Jamie Dornan in the film, which was directed by Drake Doremus.

Duck is famous for having his actors use improvisation as an actor technique and Shailene open to The New York Times on approaching a love scene when there is a level of improvisation.

“Fortunately, our intimate scenes came towards the end of the shooting, so there was a great level of confidence with the actors”, Shailene said. “In one scene, Sebastian picked me up and took me across the room while the camera was following us, and it was a completely different sex scene than the one that ended up in the film. But we had to explore all the different parts of the physical nature of these two people to really understand the essence of what worked for this film thematically. “

End, beginnings will be available digitally on April 17.


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