Seth Rogen’s Zoom stuffing is the perfect way to start any video call


The Zoom interview with Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen begins fairly normally. They say hello, exchange jokes and Rogen talks a bit about the confined life of the coronaviruses where he lives. But things quickly get confused when the actor’s answers no longer match Kimmel’s questions.

At this point, as Kimmel asks if Rogen can hear him, the latter whips the screen he secretly holds in front of the camera – a screen broadcasting a pre-recorded message of himself speaking.

“I’ve made a lot of calls like Zoom and other things recently, and I realized that I don’t really need to be there for a lot of them,” says Rogen. “It’s amazing what you can do with pre-recording these days, I’ve been very productive. “

His answer, when Kimmel asks if people fall in love with it?

“I spoke at a bar mitzvah last week, and I sold land in Paramount. “


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