“Selfless” couple die from coronavirus a few days apart


A “loving and disinterested” husband and wife died fifteen days apart from each other of Covid-19, their family said.

Valerie Williams, 74, died the day after her husband’s funeral, Hefin, 80, after the two fell ill with the suspected killer virus.

The Warrington couple, who had four children, six grandchildren and 26 foster children, died 11 days apart.

Her daughter Andrea Brinksman, writing a tribute on Facebook, said, “So the day after my beautiful father’s funeral, my kind-hearted beautiful mom decided she should be with my father, she gained her wings and is now our angel, to say that we are devastated is an understatement… we love you very much mom and dad, you will always be in our hearts. ”

On March 12, Mrs. Williams, from Liverpool, started showing symptoms of Covid-19.

The couple became isolated, but Ms. Williams, who had no underlying health problems, became increasingly tired and was rushed to Warrington Hospital on March 21.

In the early hours of Mother’s Day, she was transferred to the intensive care unit and placed on a ventilator, according to the Warrington Guardian.

Her husband, who was diabetic, stayed at home self-isolating and showed no symptoms until a week later when he fell ill.

He was taken to hospital after being hospitalized in the early hours of Sunday March 29.

Hefin and Valerie Williams with family

The treatment was stopped the day after several organ failures and his family was told he would not survive.

His wife remained in intensive care in a stable condition, unaware that her husband had died.

When his funeral procession passed Warrington Hospital, NHS staff lined the street to cheer for Hefin as he passed.

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Coronavirus last

After saying goodbye to their father, the couple’s children were informed the next day that the doctors could not do anything for their mother and that the treatment would be withdrawn.

Mr. Williams was from Edern, a small village on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales, and his wife was from Kensington in Liverpool.

Her daughter, Mrs. Brinksman, told the Warrington Guardian, “Mum and dad spent their whole lives helping others, they were the most altruistic people you met.

“They loved their children, grandchildren and foster children, had time for all their family and friends, they left a lasting impression on everyone they met.

“Their door was always open, mom’s cafe was never closed and papa’s taxis were always available, they loved, laughed, sang and danced throughout life! “

Yvonne Pickett, a lifelong friend of the family, set up a fundraising page in memory of the couple, with all proceeds donated to the NHS intensive care unit of Warrington and Halton.


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