See how Canada compares to the rest of the world when it comes to flattening the curve.


We selected 10 countries, including Canada, to examine the growth of COVID-19 cases over time to explain the current situation in Canada and the effectiveness of our response.

These graphs will be updated daily with the latest figures.

Not all countries have responded in the same way to the coronavirus pandemic. Some countries have been hit harder than others, and there are complex geographic, demographic and political factors that can make one country more vulnerable to an outbreak than another.

Some countries, such as South Korea, have taken immediate steps to slow the spread of the coronavirus by isolating COVID-19 cases and limiting travel. Others, like Italy and Iran, have seen their health systems quickly overwhelmed, and the number of cases and deaths has increased dramatically before effective measures have been put in place.

These graphs use a logarithmic scale to make the trajectory of the pandemic in the selected countries more easily comparable.

Remember that the cases of COVID-19 that appear today are a snapshot of infections that occurred about two weeks ago. Thus, the impact of our actions and those of others will not be immediately visible.


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