Second death of COVID-19 in Forsyth County | Local News


A county resident with underlying medical conditions has become the second person in Forsyth County to die from complications from COVID-19, according to county health officials.

The patient, who died on Saturday, was in the late 1970s. Health officials do not disclose names or details to protect patient confidentiality.

The number of coronavirus cases in the county was up from one to 89 in the public health update released Sunday morning.

“On behalf of the Forsyth County government, our thoughts are with the family and loved ones of the last person to die from COVID-19,” said Joshua Swift, County Director of Health. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by COVID-19. This unfortunate situation reminds us to stay at home and practice social distancing. We must all do our part to stop the spread and protect our community. “

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services case numbers reached 2,585 on Sunday morning, with 31 deaths across the state. Nationally, the number of cases was 312,249 and the deaths were 8,503.

The updated federal guidelines state that everyone should wear cloth face covers when going out in public to protect others in case the wearer is a carrier of the coronavirus. The Centers for Disease Control does not recommend wearing the type of facial mask designed for a healthcare worker.

At the same time, the CDC says that face covers are not a substitute for other things people need to do to slow the spread of the virus: Stay six feet from others; wash your hands often; stay at home as much as possible; cover coughing and sneezing; and practice frequent cleaning and disinfection of surfaces that people touch.

The increase in the number of cases from Saturday to Sunday was the smallest one-day increase since the number of cases stalled at 33 in late March.


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