Scottish Twitter praises Nicola Sturgeon for “incredible humanity” when she says others are more important than her


The Scots turned to Twitter to congratulate Nicola Sturgeon for showing incredible “empathy” in an interview with Lorraine Kelly.

Earlier today, the Prime Minister discussed the Scottish government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

During the interview, the SNP leader admitted that she could not “leave a minute” from her duties to have time for herself.

But she said to Lorraine that whenever she feels that she is struggling, she remembers those on the front lines who are really struggling.

She said, “It’s difficult at the moment. Reading is one of my great passions in my life and I normally have time to go out and recharge my own batteries. But for the first time in my adult life, I’m having trouble getting the time or the focus to do it. ”

“For people in positions like mine, it’s unprecedented and difficult. But I have to remember that people working on the front line or in a nursing home have a much harder time.

Nicola Sturgeon said she had trouble “dying out” during the pandemic

“People are struggling with the idea that politicians are human, but many of us, including myself, have loved ones on the front lines of the NHS.

“We can’t forget to reach out and look at each other. “

She added, “I don’t think it’s fair to say that everyone is in the same boat because if you live in crowded accommodation with three children, it’s a very different experience and much more difficult than someone who lives in a large independent house with garden.

“Not everyone experiences this in the same way, but ultimately, basically, we all have a similar experience.

“We are all there together, we all treat in our own way and that is why I think it is really important right now that we do not forget.

“We have to stay away from each other physically, but we don’t forget to care for each other, to reach out and take care of each other.

“If these kinds of principles of kindness, love and solidarity are the ones that reinforce themselves through this.

“Although it is not a situation we want to be in, but if we can keep some of the positive things that could result from it, I think it is a good thing. “

The Scots turned to Twitter to rally their support for the Prime Minister, and many praised him for showing incredible humanity and taking into account all people in various circumstances during the pandemic.

Elaine Webster said: “Great interview on Lorraine today complimenting @NicolaSturgeon saying that she “speaks beautifully with so much kindness, passion and humanity” Lorraine replies “it is good to have a politician who is also a human being, that certainly helps”.

Prime Minister praised on Scottish Twitter for showing “empathy” during the crisis

“Go Nicola proud of you!” “

Karen Halliwell said, “I have never loved Nicola Sturgeon before, but since this pandemic, my opinions have changed. She is an incredible woman and speaks with total sense. ”

@becca__x wrote: “I never got up to date with politics – but looking at Nicola Sturgeon on Lorraine this morning, all she did was mention the hard work of others and how she wants to help s ‘improve. She said she was also struggling in one way or another. Bless his tiny soul. ”

Andy Funnell commented: “Every world leader must take lessons from public speaking from Nicola Sturgeon. So much empathy and understanding. “

Katya said, “What do people dislike about Nicola Sturgeon? That she can really answer a question, that she doesn’t seem to have taken any leave from the start, that she shows compassion?

Anne McRoberts said: “I am so glad that Nicola Sturgeon is mine and Scottish Prime Minister. To me, you are very honest. ”

Tara Jayne commented: “Why oh why can’t the UK have Nicola Sturgeon as PM? She is so eloquent, balanced and human. She has my vote every time. Thank you Nicola for all the common sense spoken today. “

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Coronavirus in Scotland

Sturgeon added that it is likely that the country would remain locked up “for a few more weeks” during the chat with Lorraine.

“We are not yet at a stage where we can be certain that we have removed this virus enough that if we start to lift the measures it will get out of hand again,” she said.

The British government will make an announcement tomorrow on the next step in the coronavirus lockdown.


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