Scottish coronavirus deaths increase by 50


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Media caption“We have been informed of new deaths from coronaviruses”

New figures show that another 50 people with coronavirus have died in Scotland, bringing the total to 126.

Nicola Sturgeon said the figure included 10 deaths in the past 24 hours, as well as 40 more deaths in the previous days.

The Scottish government has said that 2,602 people have now tested positive for the virus, up from 2,310 on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister said that “every death from this virus is a tragedy” and that her thoughts were with the families.

She also confirmed that 1,282 patients currently hospitalized have been diagnosed with the virus, including 162 in intensive care.

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Sturgeon said delays in notifying families of deaths through a laboratory were behind 40 more deaths added to the overall figure on Thursday.

However, the Scottish government is also changing the way it compiles data on the number of deaths from coronavirus in the country.

Only laboratory-confirmed cases reported by boards of health are currently counted, but records from the death registration process will be added soon.

Coronavirus cases in Scotland

Starting next week, daily figures will also begin to include all deaths where the virus is officially “suspected” to have been a factor, even if it has not been confirmed by tests.

Sturgeon said it would increase the number of deaths recorded, but would not speculate on the extent of the situation.

She said she was “determined that the information will continue to be as accurate, complete and up-to-date as possible” and that her government will be “as transparent as possible”.

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The Prime Minister also said that tests for the virus have been “very rapidly expanded”, with an emphasis on testing key workers, including health workers and their families.

She said the government initially had the capacity to test around 390 samples per day, but that number has increased to 1,900 tests per day – with the aim of performing 3,500 per day by the end of April.

Sturgeon said ministers are continuing to explore ways to expand testing and are participating in “four national initiatives with the rest of the UK” to build capacity.

But she said due diligence had to be done before new labs could be used to make sure the tests were safe and met high quality standards.

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And she stressed that testing key workers does not in itself mean that they can return to work, saying, “I don’t think testing is a secondary problem, but I want to be very clear about what testing can and will do.” can’t realize.

“He’s telling us right now if someone with symptoms has the virus or not – they’re not telling us if they’re going to have symptoms, or if, after they have recovered, they have the virus. “

Sturgeon said there was no “neither / or” choice between the test and social distancing, saying there was “no quick fix.”

She said, “We all want this phase of our life to end as soon as possible, but it is unlikely to happen in a few weeks. We are here for the long term.

“I know how difficult it is, but please respect it – you are helping us save lives. “


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