Scott Moir defends decision to cross Canada-US border next week in Instagram video


Scott Moir went to Instagram Thursday to thank frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and to defend his decision to return home to Canada after living in the United States for a few months.

The Canadian Olympic champion posted a four-minute video on the social platform where he explained why he and his fiancée were currently in Tampa, Florida, and to refute allegations that he had broken the quarantine rules.

“I feel like I have to defend myself a little. There are people who say things online and people who harass the people I work with … and who say facts that are not true, “said the figure skating champion, before noting that his fiancée, Jackie Mascarin, is an assistant to a doctor who works in a respiratory unit at a local hospital in Tampa.

Moir said he was with Mascarin at their Tampa home, “to support her and I’m so proud of her every day.

“These workers, the people who come into the hospital, the front line workers, the first responders; they are heroes at a time like this and they are putting their families at risk for the good of society, and I felt like a life partner, I should stay here in Tampa and support it. ”

Moir noted that the couple, who married in July, moved to Ilderton, Ontario. at home next week, but not by air, as some people have speculated online.

Moir posted the video in response to comments online that he visited a resort outside of Canada in March. With the Canadian Quarantine Act guidelines originally published on March 14, states should avoid non-essential travel outside the country to avoid the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Moir was scheduled to participate in the world figure skating championships in Montreal, which were scheduled for mid-March, but canceled due to the pandemic.

“There are people who say that I went back and forth and went on vacation after the Worlds and the fact is that we are in Tampa and we have been in Tampa and we are isolated and we follow the directives like I’m sure you all do, and I wouldn’t even have been able to go back and forth, ”said Moir.

According to CBC News, some people online say it is irresponsible for the couple to travel to Canada after living in Tampa for a few months, noting that they could put others at risk.

But Moir defended their choice to return to their main residence in Canada, saying, “We are Canadians and we want to help and that’s why Jackie wanted to be a medical assistant – she wanted to help people in need – so we decided we would stay here [in Tampa] for a few months, and now that we’re done, we’re coming home next week.

“It’s really not your business to know how I’m getting from Jackie’s house here to our house in Ilderton, but you can rest assured that we’re not going to steal and we’re going to have a quarantine action plan amazing and it’s a tough time for everyone. “

When they arrive in Canada, the couple will have to isolate themselves for 14 days, whether or not they have symptoms of COVID-19.

Moir ended his episode on a lighter note, thanking his fans for “having my back” and wishing everyone “good health during this period”.


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