Scientists in their 60s are also at higher risk for coronavirus | Society


Scientists say UK advice for people 70 and older to self-isolate puts people aged 60 to 69 at increased risk for coronavirus.

Professor Azeem Majeed and colleagues from Imperial College London (ICL) noted that other countries had different policies and the World Health Organization said that the highest risk was found in the most 60 years.

According to an article published by the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford, the death rate in people in their 60s is 8%, and the rate in people in their 60s is 3.6% , which, according to ICL scientists, was “still substantial”.

They recommend that the 7.3 million people in their 60s in the UK pay more attention to physical distance and personal hygiene.

“In the absence of government advice, people in this group (60-69) can make their own informed decisions about how to minimize their risk of being infected with Covid-19. This may include solitary confinement in a manner similar to that recommended by the British government for people aged 70 and over, “they said in an article published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

“As the severity of the disease increases from the age of 40, people over the age of 60 and those with underlying conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and cancers, are most at risk. . “

They cited international evidence that those over 60 are at greater risk. “The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 80% of deaths from Covid-19 are people aged 65 and over,” they said. In China, 80% of deaths have occurred in the over 60s.

Switzerland and France are among the countries that have advised those over the age of 65 to take extra precautions against infection, they added.


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