Scientists concerned about quality of UK Covid-19 tests | News from the world



The disclosure, however, raises other questions about the credibility of the test operation in the United Kingdom, which included laboratories struggling to source chemicals and equipment, with the government purchasing millions of tests. unusable antibodies and frontline healthcare workers who cannot access tests.

The PHE scientist, speaking anonymously, said that while there appears to be no problem with the accuracy of the positive results, internal tests appear to be less sensitive than commercial kits, such as the one developed by the company Swiss Roche.

PHE disputed this, with a spokesperson saying, “There is no evidence to support that commercial tests are more accurate than the current PHE test. We believe performance is comparable to CE marked tests currently available [tests]. “

The internal PHE document, dated April 11, indicates that, as per common practice, laboratories are expected to switch to commercial kits by April 23, now that these tests are available.

For laboratories unable to immediately migrate to commercial kits, the document describes the immediate actions that need to be taken, noting that “discordant results” have been identified between PHE tests and “new / improved tests”.


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