Schools ban Zoom citing security and privacy concerns


Zoom is banned by schools across the United States due to an increasing number of security and privacy concerns reported by users of the app.

The video conferencing app has seen a dramatic increase in the past two months, recording more than 200 million users at the end of March, up from 10 million at the end of last year.

This has led Zoom to quickly become the preferred platform for schools and offices for hosting virtual meetings and classroom sessions, but many schools have now been invited to upgrade to Microsoft Teams after various incidents of course and hacked meetings, or ‘Zoombombed’ with disruptive intrusions into the video, including racist language, aggressive language, pornographic content and even death threats.

Security issues

In addition to these high-profile incidents, Zoom was also criticized after reporting that the platform had routed video calls across China, and offered no end-to-end encryption of the calls, although he said it.

Zoom CEO and founder Eric Yuan last week apologized to users for the privacy concerns and promised he would focus on fixing the issues, but it appears the damage has already been done .

The New York City Department of Education has now asked its schools to stop using Zoom as soon as possible and to start using alternative video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams to host virtual classes.

“Schools should stop using Zoom as soon as possible,” said the statement from the Ministry of Education.

“We will assist staff and students in the transition to different platforms such as Microsoft Teams that have the same capabilities with appropriate security measures in place.”

With directives from the Ministry of Education in place, schools are now training teachers to use Microsoft Teams, which he says complies with education and family privacy rights law and is therefore considered safe.

Via: WashingtonPost


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