“Schengen death”: France introduces seven-month border controls in the middle of the coronavirus


France is the last country to join the rest of Schengen members on the introduction of internal border controls as a measure to fight the new COVID-19 outbreak.

Unlike the 20 days of border reintroduction applied by other countries, most of which have been extended by an additional 20 days, France has gone a step further by announcing that it will maintain border controls for seven months, reports SchengenVisaInfo. com.

According to the European Commission, which the Member States are obliged to inform about the reintroduction of border controls, France has decided to extend its border controls which have been in place for years due to a persistent terrorist threat, until ‘at internal borders, until 31 October.

France (October 31, 2019 – October 31, 2020) Coronavirus COVID-19, persistent terrorist threat, prominent political event in Paris, secondary movements; all internal borders. “

The decision was made after French President Emanuel Macron raged against EU leaders for unilaterally reintroducing temporary internal border controls in late March, warning it could be the end of space Schengen.

In a videoconference on the COVID-19 pandemic with other leaders of the Schengen countries, President Macron warned that key EU projects, including the borderless area, could be in danger if nations did not show solidarity.

What is at stake is the survival of the European projectThe risk we face is the death of SchengenMacron said during the six-hour executive video conference.

While in another videoconference last week, French President Emmanuel Macron warned British Primer Boris Johnson that he would close the border if the British government did not take steps to tighten restrictive measures to cure the coronavirus.

While the UK began applying stricter corporate rules on Friday afternoon, the Prime Minister’s office denied any suggestion that the stricter rules were triggered due to warnings from another country.

France announced a national lock on Tuesday. People are not allowed to leave their homes, except to buy food, see a doctor, or go to work. The mayor of Paris has called for tighter containment measures as the number of infections increases worldwide.


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