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Sarah – affectionately known as Fergie – is the daughter of a polo manager, so she grew up around horses on a Hampshire farm and was an expert rider. She was not born into an aristocratic family, but knew gymkhanas, polo and middle class country activities. The queen, who loves horses and riding, saw that Fergie was perfect for the outdoor activities of the royal family.

Fergie even learned to drive, a sport popularized in the United Kingdom by the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip.

For this reason, Fergie was more popular with the queen than Diana, with a courtier saying to the Daily Mail, “The queen loved Fergie, who was involved in everything – maybe wearing bright pink pants but loving him. “

While Andrew was on a mission in the Navy, Fergie would be invited to dinner by the Queen, which made Diana blush with jealousy.

Diana was not a particularly good rider when she first married the royal family and needed lessons from instructors, including James Hewitt, with whom she had an affair later.

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queen elizabeth ii sarah feguson

Fergie and the Queen appreciated the close friendship (Image: GETTY)

queen horse

The Queen loves horses and riding (Image: GETTY)

The Princess of Wales once admitted, “I became terribly jealous and she became jealous of me.

“She kept telling me, ‘You don’t have to worry, everything will be fine. “

“I couldn’t understand it, she was really having fun, while I was fighting to survive. “

The Duchess of York first contacted the royal family through her father, polo manager Ronald Ferguson, who was Prince Charles’ manager.

prince charles ronald ferguson

Ronald Ferguson and Prince Charles (Image: GETTY)

She met Diana at the polo shirt and, as Diana later recalled, “continued to raise her head for some reason.”

Fergie was determined to be friends with Diana, had lunch with her regularly and attended her wedding to Charles.

It was on Diana’s shoulder that she cried when her relationship with racing driver Paddy McNally ended.

Diana even asked that Fergie become one of her ladies-in-waiting, but was refused because her friend was deemed “the most inappropriate”.

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fergie eugenie charles diana

Fergie hugging Eugenie on a horse; Diana talks to Charles on horseback (Image: GETTY)

After Andrew separated from his girlfriend Koo Stark, Diana introduced him to Fergie and the couple went on like a burning house.

Fergie and Andrew married in 1986, but their marriage failed, as did Diana.

Diana and Fergie separated from their husband in 1992 and divorced in 1996.

While Fergie got along well with the Queen at first, things have deteriorated over time.

Fergie embarrassed the royal family after photos of their toe sucking by financial advisor John Bryan were splashed in the tabloids before the couple publicly announced their separation.

Fergie is believed to have been staying with the family in Balmoral when the images surfaced and the Queen asked him to leave the area immediately.

According to a television news report at the time, the Duchess used one of the many side entrances and went to Aberdeen Airport that morning.

The report said she no longer had “the privacy or the privilege of a Queen’s Flight.”

After the official separation, Fergie resigned from all official royal functions.

fergie andrew queen

Fergie, Andrew and the Queen (Image: GETTY)

In addition, the Queen refused to assume responsibility for Fergie’s many important debts.

Later, however, Fergie made arrangements with his mother-in-law.

In 1996, when Fergie and Andrew debated their divorce, the Queen asked what she wanted in the settlement, to which she said “your friendship”.

Since this conversation, they would have stayed on good terms.

A source told the Sydney Morning Herald, “The Queen is always trying to see the best of people and has remained in close contact, even while regularly having tea with her in Windsor.”


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