Santa Clara County reports 127 cases and five deaths


On Tuesday, after database problems prevented Santa Clara County from providing an update on coronaviruses, the county public health department released updated COVID-19 data spanning two days .

Santa Clara County has registered 127 new combined cases of COVID-19 and five additional coronavirus deaths since the last update at 2:00 p.m. Monday.

Fifty-six of the confirmed cases and four of the deaths from COVID-19 were reportedly announced on Tuesday. Public health officials have included 71 new confirmed cases and one additional death in their update Wednesday, bringing the number of positive tests in Santa Clara County to 1,793 and the number of deaths in the county scale to 65.

Despite a slight 1.6% increase in the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the state on Wednesday, the number of hospitalizations in Santa Clara County actually decreased from 197 to 195 over a two-day period . The number of patients receiving care in intensive care beds increased from 72 Monday to 76 Wednesday, but county hospitals still have 87 intensive care beds available and 616 ventilators that are not currently in use.

More than 1,500 additional COVID-19 tests have been performed in Santa Clara County since Monday, bringing the total to 16,585. 201 of these tests are still pending results.


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