Santa Clara County executive doesn’t expect sports until Thanksgiving


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Estimates of exactly when sporting events and large gatherings have a reasonable chance of returning to everyday life remain best educated projections at this point. However, a Santa Clara county executive is not optimistic that sports will return anytime in the near future.

According to Los Angeles Times, Dr. Jeffrey Smith told the Santa Clara supervisory board that he thought it would be well before fall before expecting the sport to return. Smith said he expected “no sports game until at least Thanksgiving, and we would be lucky to have them by Thanksgiving.” It is not something that will be easy to do. “

While almost all of the picks for resumption of sporting events and general normality are educated guesses, Smith’s opinion is interesting because he resides in a county home to an NFL football team in the San Francisco 49ers. Smith, who received his medical degree from the University of Southern California, predicted that infections would increase again in California if restrictions on distance were relaxed without being able to inoculate the population.

“There will certainly be people who get sick,” said Smith. “And because there are people who get sick, there will be people who die after the order is released, unless we find foolproof immunization, which is very unlikely.”

There are still too many unknowns to say with certainty what will happen in the coming months. Washington and California have both started to see new infections slowly decline due to their home stay orders. However, if significant progress is not made in stifling the rates of virus transmission or the severity of its infections as well as widespread testing, Smith’s projection could certainly be a reasonable result since a vaccine is not expected before the next year at the earliest.


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