Sadio Mane explains “screaming” Jurgen Klopp’s treatment of Naby Keita in Liverpool


Sadio Mane admits that Jurgen Klopp can “be hard” with his Liverpool players, and joked that he is harder with Naby Keita than most.

The couple are old friends with their time together in Salzburg, with Keita joining Mane at Anfield in the summer of 2018.

Things have not quite worked out for the Guinean midfielder due to a series of injury problems since then, but he has always clinched a Champions League winner medal and is on the verge of becoming also a Premier League winner.

Keita joined Mane to discuss Klopp’s methods in the latest issue of Liverpool FC magazine, and they praised the boss.

Mane and Keita both praised Klopp

“It’s someone who is full of life, someone who makes us all accountable as players, which is very important for a player on the field,” said Mane.

“He’s a coach who also knows how to manage you off the field. Sometimes he can be tough with his players, but it is for positive reasons and it helped us a lot on the pitch. It’s pretty impressive, in fact, if you have to know it to understand it all. ”

Keita added: “Yes, and he will always defend his players because for him all the players are the same. There is no difference for him. He’s always there to explain things to you, like you didn’t play the best in a game, which is difficult for coaches.

Keita says Klopp will explain things to his players

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“But it’s a choice he has to make and it helps us fight harder on the training ground to push hard so you can play on weekends.

“He communicates with all of us as well and that’s what I really like about him. During training, he will stop you and give you advice and explanations … “

It was then that Mane recalled Klopp’s treatment of Keita.

“But if you lose the ball, he can certainly shout‘ Naby! Naby! “Said the Senegalese, to which Keita replied:” But this is completely normal and he would also give you the same treatment! “


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