Ryan Reynolds hilarious trolle Hugh Jackman on his birthday


Through Jamie Samhan.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman do it again.

During this segment of their online fun feud, Jackman was the first to take the photo.

It all started with a tweet from AdWeek congratulating Reynold’s Aviation Gin for its innovative advertising. “Learn how the brand and owner @VancityReynolds turn consumers into enthusiasts and make us all smile, even in difficult times,” said the tweet.

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Jackman responded by promoting his own line of coffees: “Learn how the owner @VancityReynolds does it. Really? It may be the worst secret ever kept! A simple formula, if you want. 2+ KCups from @laughingmanco in any given 24 hour period. ? You are welcome. #allbehappy “.

While carrying all of Laughing Man’s merchandise, Reynolds added, “Well, this is pretty much the craziest thing I have ever heard. He then seemed to come to the conclusion that Jackman might not be far after all.

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Even their company’s Twitter pages had fun, praising their own successes.

Reynolds didn’t let the false quarrel cool down, leaving a hilarious comment after Jackman shared a sweet message celebrating his 24th wedding anniversary with wife Deborra-Lee Furness, writing “Hang on, Deb.”


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