Ryan Reynolds “Don’t” Game Show on ABC – Premiere Date, Trailer


Doing nothing can finally pay off.

This is the premise of Ryan Reynolds’ new ABC game show, Do not do it, where applicants team up with family and friends for a chance to win up to $ 100,000. How do they win big? By taking on ridiculous tasks with a simple rule: “Don’t do”.

The series (airing June 11 at 9 / 8c) will feature “hilarious and unexpected moments that break away from the traditional game show format”, as shown in the trailer above. Teams of four will tackle bizarre challenges, such as “Don’t blink”, “Don’t look back” and “Don’t play ball at home”. Missions completed will earn money on team bank accounts, while failed challenges will force players to suffer very stupid consequences. Candidates can also test their audacity by selecting risky options like the “Don’t Push” button or a “Don’t Dare, You” challenge. Ultimately, the teams will keep the money left in their bank, if there is anything left.

Adam Scott (Parks and recreation, Big Little Lies) hosts, while Reynolds serves as executive producer and voices.

“I’m delighted that people are seeing Do not do it and we feel we made the right choice by changing what was the working title: Please do notSaid Scott.

Along with Reynolds, additional executive producers include David Goldberg, Caroline Baumgard, David Hurwitz, Conrad Green and George Dewey.


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