Russian shoots five dead “because it’s too noisy” during lockdown


Anton Franchikov, 31, took a shotgun from his balcony and opened fire on the group below

A Russian doctor opened fire on his balcony after neighbors made “too much noise” under the isolation of a coronavirus, police said.

Anton Franchikov, 31, killed five people after mounting tensions between him and residents of his building during the second week of closure.

He shot three people in the street outside his home in Yelatma, a settlement in the Ryazan region of 3,100, before running downstairs to shoot two more as they sought to hide in their apartment.

He has been detained by police while his wife, a general practitioner based in a local hospital, is also being interviewed by the Russian commission of inquiry.

Anton Franchikov, 31, pictured with his wife doctor, shot dead five people in a Ryazan village, about 120 miles southeast of Moscow.

Local government chief Grigory Danilov told local media, “It was a conflict
between neighbors who turned into filming.

“They exchanged words and he ended up picking up a gun.

“The second week of quarantine plays badly on people’s psychology. People lack communication. “

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Kristina Tabunova, 22, and husband Yevgeny Tabunov, 24, were killed in the shooting

The victims were named married couple Yevgeny and Kristina Tabunov, aged 24 and 22, as well as Ilya Kondrakov, 26, Viktor Kapitanov, 24 and Maksim Ukhov, 31.

Franchikov tried to escape after the shooting but was arrested by the police. He is described as a doctor in a neuropsychiatric establishment, married and child.

“I cannot say that he is a stupid or sick man,” said Danilov.

“This is just an ordinary young family. “

Investigators verify allegations that suspect had a history of
domestic violence and publication of extreme material on social networks.

Health worker Anton Franchikov pictured while in the military opened fire on neighbors after they made too much noise, police say.
Forensic pathologists at the scene of the shooting (Photo: Russian IC)

Russia imposed one of the strictest bans on coronaviruses in March after residents were ordered to stay indoors, except to buy food, medicine or for a 100-meter walk with their pet.

Officials plan to use phone tracking and a large network of surveillance cameras to implement quarantine and hold rule breakers accountable.

The Russian parliament has approved a set of “anti-virus” laws providing for up to seven years in prison for violating quarantine rules.

The strict measures were first implemented in Moscow, with other regions soon after.

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