Rumor says new high-end Samsung tablets are about to get much bigger


Samsung, undoubtedly the manufacturer best able to manufacture Android tablets, redoubles them. Last week we heard about a follow-up to the Galaxy Tab S6’s welterweight, shown above. This time there is not more than one, but two new Galaxy Tab S7 models (or, if the brand follows flagship phones, Tab S20) this year.

SamMobile reports two sets of model numbers for the high octane tablets to be launched later this year: SM-T87x and SM-T97x. The Tab S6 was released under two main branches, SM-T860 (Wi-Fi only) and SM-T865 (LTE), and other earlier versions of Tab S had model numbers SM-T8xx, so the SM number -T9xx would be new here.

It is suspected that the new series will be available in two sizes: one with an 11 “screen, the other at 12.4” (the Tab S6 screen of 10.5 “). Larger screens mean more space, of course, with which to use the tablet’s free S Pen digital pen. It also means less cramping for the keyboard accessories that will inevitably come. That said, as we enter the territory of the iPad Pro here, these are certainly not a Galaxy View.

In addition to the usual specifications and software upgrades, the cellular versions of the new Tab S devices would also be equipped with 5G radios.


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