RTL Today – France: reinforced controls in place to deter future vacationers


                        Ce vendredi, la police française mettra en place des contrôles renforcés pour continuer à mettre en œuvre des mesures de confinement à l'approche des vacances de Pâques.                        

French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told the Parisian that the aim was to deter potential holidaymakers by using tougher controls in major cities, stations, roads and tourist destinations.

On TF1, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe supported the motion Thursday evening, reminding the public that there should be no vacation.

Philippe said anyone who violates the current containment measures will be penalized because their actions could undo the collective effort that has been made in the past three weeks.

The public is also advised not to visit any holiday home, as is the case in Belgium.

Castaner said it was vital for people to continue to comply with the measures, despite the Easter holidays which are due to start on Friday in Ile-de-France and Occitania.

The Paris police headquarters insisted that it will apply the detention “with the utmost firmness”.

Travelers unable to produce valid proof of their trip will be fined for non-compliance and will not be allowed to continue their trip.

For its part, the national gendarmerie has confirmed that around 60,000 soldiers will be mobilized to carry out checks, with seven squadrons of mobile gendarmerie and three helicopters to cover Ile-de-France.


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