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Royal Ascot, one of the highlights of an increasingly sportless British summer, will not be open to the public this year and remains far from certain.

Following recent high-profile cancellations of Wimbledon and the Open Golf Championship, Ascot general manager Guy Henderson on Tuesday released a statement outlining the plans for the track to hold his famous closed-door meeting between the 16th and the June 20.

Henderson also confirmed that Ascot’s two-day game starting May 8 would not be open to the public, even though the BHA and key players approved a gradual resumption of racing next month.

“It may be possible to hold the Royal Ascot races behind closed doors, depending on government and public health policies, and BHA approval so that we can start the race again. Planning for this is our complete goal and we will update our progress, “said Henderson.

Guinean and derby meetings will be held later in the season

“The pandemic will have a significant financial impact on our activities in 2020, as well as on many others. However, Ascot will be going through this crisis and we look forward to welcoming racing fans again when it is safe. “

“Meanwhile, our thoughts are with all those who cry and suffer from Covid-19. We sincerely thank our wonderful NHS staff, our key workers and our volunteers for all their selfless dedication. “

There are no plans to reschedule key races should Royal Ascot be canceled. If this happens, these races should take place with far less cash prize.

“The landscape in which all the racetracks take place, with no income from attendance, will have a significant impact on the prices, but the main objective is to organize basic races, in particular for three-year-old children,” said the racing director Nick Forgeron.

“The Pattern process is complex and with a little imagination, some races could be relocated if necessary, but it is very difficult to plan next week with certainty, not to mention June.

“Our plan is to organize the races as is, providing a credible program for the livestock industry. We will put the opportunities on the table as soon as it is appropriate and secure. “

The track will be able to claim some of the inevitable losses through its insurance, and Smith added: “It is a materially difficult situation for us. Like all insurance, not everything is covered.

“It’s beneficial, of course, but people shouldn’t be under any illusions – the picture is not bright. However, it is by no means critical either and we will move forward and get through this period. “

Following the coronavirus pandemic, there were no appointments in Britain from the maps in Taunton and Wetherby on March 17, as the sport sought not to put additional pressure on the National Health Service and emergency services.

It is understood that a decision on when the race can be restarted will be delayed until the British government issues its final verdict on whether to extend its lockout for three weeks. When the race returns, it is likely to be entirely in camera for an indefinite period.

Customers who have already paid for entry and hospitality at Royal Ascot, or the track meeting in May, will be reimbursed in full and will be contacted initially by email, the track said.

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FIRST PUBLICATION 4:40 p.m., APR 7, 2020


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