Roy Keane opens up “not having” Man Utd teammates who “weren’t for me”



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Roy Keane admitted that he was on a different wavelength than a number of his Man Utd teammates at the end of his career and that he had trouble understanding their jokes.

The former United States captain went through several transitional periods during his time at Old Trafford.

After meeting old-school professionals like Mark Hughes and Eric Cantona in the United locker room, Keane stayed in the camp for the triple winning period of 1999, before finally ushering in a new era with younger stars such as Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand.

And the Irishman admitted that as time went on, he felt he had little in common with the new players.

Speaking on the Sky Sports football show, Keane said, “Your locker room is constantly changing, every summer, one or two players entering the dynamic change, young players entering.

Keane revealed he was struggling to find common ground with some of his teammates
Keane revealed that he was struggling to find common ground with some of his teammates

“And I’m going to be honest, towards the end of my career, and I look in the locker room and people like Wayne and Rio, [Darren] Fletcher, [John] O’Shea and all these guys, things were changing, the dynamics were changing with which I was riding, which didn’t bother me, I liked because it gave you a new type of energy and especially if they were good players , you would say “listen, they will help us win trophies”.

“But towards the end, I remember thinking with some of these guys, no, I’m not getting some of them, I don’t really have their jokes, I don’t have their humor, I never had probably had no conversation with any of them. “

When Keane left the club in 2005, Ryan Giggs was the only other United star who burst into the team at the same time as him.


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Keane said players like Fletcher, O'Shea and Ferdinand
Keane said players like Fletcher, O’Shea and Ferdinand “weren’t for me”

Keane then suffered a sudden departure from United after criticizing the performance of a number of players in an interview with MUTV.

And looking back, he suggests that those who were still at the club were little more than colleagues.

“I was constantly looking at the big picture, were they going to be good players for Man Utd? It was the most important thing, “he added.

“So even when I left the club, there were a lot of players I didn’t miss at all. I just thought, no they weren’t for me, the game changes, I look around in the locker room on their phones, maybe I’m a little old school, a bit grumpy, I don’t know, but I don’t didn’t understand it.

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“I didn’t have Wayne or even Rio, I didn’t have this banter, I didn’t understand what they sometimes represented. It was just a personal matter.

“The game obviously changes, I changed with it. But towards the end at United with all the players that came, I didn’t always have them and I was just thinking about the personality, they are not for me.

“But of course they are all very good players and I was professional and I was delighted to play with them, but in terms of jokes with them or having a cup of tea or coffee or something with them , no, forget it. “


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