Ross Kemp faces furious backlash over NHS documentary on coronavirus forehead


Ross Kemp suffered a furious backlash after being accused of wasting essential PPE equipment for his next NHS documentary.

The investigative reporter announced the shooting of a captivating new documentary about the coronavirus pandemic.

Filming from inside an NHS hospital in Milton Keynes, the former actor will document how doctors are working tirelessly against COVID-19 and talk to patients living with the virus.

Fans were furious on Friday when Ross shared a video from inside the hospital where he explained that he had been fitted with personal protective equipment.

He captioned it: “I have just been equipped for PPE and we are about to go to an intensive care unit at Milton Keynes hospital to witness the incredible efforts of the doctors treating Covid patients 19. Please note that we will not exhaust the PPE stock in the hospital # COVID19 coronavirus nhs. ”

Ross Kemp announced Friday that he will be filming from an NHS hospital

Although he explained that his team was not using the hospital’s PPE inventory, his supporters still criticized the star for his apparent “bad publicity”.

“I am sure that patients who want to spend time with their families will find this excellent use of PPE … precious,” wrote one subscriber.

Other supporters have expressed frustration that Ross Kemp and a film crew have been released to the hospital, but family members have not been.

“People die alone (or, hopefully, with a caring NHS worker in their final minutes). Why the hell are you doing this? Asked another.

In his latest clip, Ross is filmed from the inside of intensive care while wearing PPE

Another pissed off: “At least you can come in. Thousands of people cannot even say goodbye to their loved ones and people wonder why there is disdain for the media and celebrities. “

Despite the backlash, others praised him for recording such a revealing documentary at a time when some citizens continue to flout government directives.

Milton Keynes’s own NHS services were forced to step in and defend Ross Kemp for the next documentary.

Medical staff recently suggested that there are shortages of PPE in NHS hospitals

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Speaking on Twitter, health care officials argued that it is in the public interest to see the true extent of what is happening at the hospital.

“We agreed to grant @RossKemp and a small team access to capture the incredible efforts of NHS staff in response to # COVID19. This access was assessed and approved in a discussion with @ NHSEngland. We think it’s in the public interest “to show them how hospitals are preparing,” said the Tweet.

“We spend a minimum of time in high-risk areas and make sure the crew wear full PPE, according to national guidelines. As @ RossKemp says, they replace all PPE used. We hope that this program will provide the general public with vital information and reassure “, reassured a second post.

Ross Kemp: On the NHS Frontline will be broadcast on April 16 at 8:30 p.m. on ITV.

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