Robs Gronkowski of Bucs jokingly comments on playbook


Rob Gronkowski was not kidding at the time. He has his Tampa Bay Buccaneers playbook and says he arrived after last week’s trade with the New England Patriots.

This is according to an article published on social networks on Wednesday by the star, who went on Twitter to clarify than a comment he made over the weekend suggesting that he had received the game book before the transaction.

“Is it really a story?” Wrote Gronkowski. “LOL. “

Gronkowski was part of a post-party project sponsored by Bud Light on Saturday evening during which one of the guests, ESPN’s Sage Steele, explained how Joe Burrow, the Bengals’ No. 1 overall selection, had worked with Cincinnati. playbook weeks before the team officially makes its selection.

Gronkowski then jumped up and said, “I was in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers manual four weeks ago, and I wasn’t even on the team. “

This commentary took on a life of its own when some media wondered if Gronkowski was telling the truth and, if so, if it was breaking the rules of the league. The Pats-Bucs trade was not official until April 21.

But Gronkowski said Wednesday he received his team-released Microsoft Surface tablet earlier today, and posted a photo of himself holding it.

Never one to stay serious too long, Gronkowski then followed with a joke.

“It is still in the package and I hope they are all photos and drawings,” he wrote. “I’m pumped to open it someday, hopefully soon and follow the arrows to find out where to run. Gronk run Gronk catch the ball. No game book required. Eh eh. “


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