Rob Gronkowski Hints Buccaneers May Have Cheated Before The Patriots Trade


For once, the Patriots may not have broken the rules.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have committed a forgery violation before acquiring Rob Gronkowski of New England on April 21, if what the future stretch of the Hall of Fame hinted at over the weekend is right.

“I was in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game book four weeks ago, and I wasn’t even on the team,” the Gronk still super hyper said Saturday during an appearance in an NFL draft sponsored by Bud Light.

According to Pro Football Talk, although the Buccaneers manual is not automatically considered a violation of league rules, the problem in which the 30-year-old non-retired player received it may be.

Gronkowski’s playing rights still belonged to New England at the time Gronkowski said he had the manual, although he stepped away from football a year ago after winning his third Super Bowl.

According to NFL policy, forgery is defined as “any interference by a member club in the employer-employee relationship of another club or any attempt by a club to induce a person to seek employment in that club or with the NFL ”. This means that the Buccaneers would not have been allowed to speak to Gronkowski if they had planned to attempt to acquire him as they ultimately did.

Based on Gronkowski’s schedule, he would have gotten hold of the game book shortly after Tom Brady left New England to sign a fully guaranteed $ 50 million contract with Tampa Bay for two years.

Rob Gronkowski
Rob GronkowskiAP

After the publication of Gronkowski’s history reports, he returned comments Wednesday night and said he was “just kidding” because he “was pretty much all the time that night”.

He then brandished a box which he said contained his laptop supplied by the Buccaneers, adding that it had been delivered on Wednesday, in accordance with the league’s voluntary and virtual offseason program.

Before the trade, there were rumbles that Gronkowski could end up with the Buccaneers. Gronkowski had indicated in the past that he did not want to play with anyone other than boyfriend Brady, and the Patriots’ attack waded last season without the imposing 6’6 ” wide receiver, who entered 265 pounds during his playing days, but in January said he had lost 10 to 15 pounds.

Gronkowski, who indulged in WWE and the CBD industry during his one-year absence from the game, made $ 53 million in nine seasons with the Patriots and is contracted for one year to $ 10 million. dollars in Tampa. The Patriots traded it and a seventh round pick against the Buccaneers in exchange for a fourth round pick.

The Buccaneers were previously reprimanded by other teams after discovering that Brady had met with offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich during the off-season “off period”, which prohibits such meetings. The league, however, said the Buccaneers did not break any rules.

The two developments mark a bit of a reversal, given that the Patriots have long been the ones who were called cheaters during their two-decade reign over the NFL.

Last season, a member of the franchise’s accredited video team was interviewed by the Bengals for inappropriately videotaping the pitch from the press box during a match between the teams. The Patriots said the staff member was unaware of the rules and that there were no bad intentions.

No punishment was imposed for the incident, although Brady was suspended four games in 2015 and the Patriots were fined $ 1 million following the infamous “Deflategate”. Bill Belichick and the team were also fined $ 500,000 and $ 250,000, respectively, in 2008 after it was determined that they had illegally filmed the Jets’ coaching staff in what was considered “Spygate”.


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