Riverside County Reports 209 New Coronavirus Cases and 10 Deaths


The number of coronavirus cases in Riverside County has jumped 209 and the number of deaths has increased by 10, bringing the total to 2,847 cases and 85 deaths, according to figures released Monday.

The new data comes just a day after the county reported 36 new cases on Sunday, the lowest number in a single day since April 4, when 27 were reported. According to records, 116 cases have been confirmed in Riverside County jails.

The town of Riverside has the most deaths in the county with 16. Moreno Valley is next with 11 deaths.

At a press conference Friday, Dr. Cameron Kaiser, the county’s public health official, said the county had seen fewer cases than expected. The county has “slightly bent the curve,” but the goal is to flatten it, he said.

Riverside County has the second highest number of cases in the state on Monday, after Los Angeles County. Last week, the county finished third, behind San Diego.

Although residents of other Southern California counties organized demonstrations over the weekend and Ventura County officials have announced they will ease restrictionsKaiser said he has no plans to lift the restrictions in Riverside County anytime soon.

Fifteen employees of SunDate, a date packing plant in Coachella, tested positive for COVID-19 in early April, said Brooke Federico, county news chief. Of these cases, one person died on April 15. Due to privacy concerns, no further employee details were provided.

On April 2, the county was informed that two SunDate employees had tested positive for the new virus. These employees were sent home to isolate themselves. By April 13, a total of 15 employees had contracted the virus, said Federico.

Federico said the facility, which conditions dates that are sold in stores across the country, will not be closed because there does not seem to be a risk of “sustained transmission” of the virus. The disease control team is still investigating COVID-19 cases at the facility.

No SunDate representative was available to comment on Monday.

Authorities said Friday that residents of Riverside County who do not show symptoms of COVID-19 can now be tested for the new virus at all county driving test sites. Previously, due to a lack of test kits, only people with symptoms such as high fever or breathing problems could receive a coronavirus test.

The fifth county driving test is scheduled to open Wednesday at Blythe Fairgrounds in the eastern part of the county, officials said.

Kim Saruwatari, county director of public health, said the Blythe facility had the capacity to test approximately 400 residents per day at that time. Those interested in having a test should call (800) 945-6171 to schedule an appointment. There is no cost for testing and health insurance is not necessary, said Federico.

Testing COVID-19 for people without symptoms gives health experts a better idea of ​​the extent of the epidemic in Riverside County.

As of Sunday evening, nearly 31,000 tests had been administered in the county, according to the records.

“We are already testing people when they are sick, but we need to understand how COVID-19 affects people who may generally feel good, including children,” said Kaiser. “This is going to be a key indicator for understanding how it spreads and where our areas of concern are when we think if and how much to reopen.” “

The county also announced on Monday that 236 people were hospitalized due to complications from COVID-19. Of this number, 76 people are in intensive care units. A total of 700 people have recovered from the virus.


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