Rita Wilson performs for the first time after being diagnosed with coronavirus at a virtual NASCAR event


With a simple guitar track accompanying her, the actress sang in a serious tone, a contrast to her playful rap performance from “Hip Hop Hooray” which she blessed us on Instagram last month.

Wilson was filmed singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” by his 24-year-old son Truman Hanks from their Los Angeles home, according to announcers Mike Joy and Jeff Gordon who directed the third race on Sunday NASCAR Virtual.

Since the Coronavirus suspended NASCAR racing last month, drivers have competed virtually using racing simulators, which are similar to what you would see in an arcade racing game. The races were broadcast on Fox Sports, attracting more than a million viewers, according to Nielsen.

The fact that Wilson was the only one to sing the national anthem seemed to offer some hope to NASCAR fans in these difficult times.

“Beautifully done! Thank you for a glimmer of hope, to see you and hear you feel better, Mrs. Wilson, “said a fan.

” Excellent work. When we get back to the real race, she should be asked to sing again, ”said another.

Wilson and her husband, actor Tom Hanks, announced that they were diagnosed with coronavirus on March 11 while in Australia. They have since returned to the United States and are continuing “local shelter and social distancing,” according to Hanks’ tweet last Saturday.

Wilson spoke about several milestones in his life in an Instagram article last Sunday. She talked about being a breast cancer survivor, and now a “COVID 19 survivor.”

“Please take a moment today to recognize your body’s incredible creation and to thank it for doing so much,” said Wilson in his article.


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