Revisiting the last decade of the NHL playoffs – The Athletic


Today’s most exciting part of the NHL season would have started: the playoffs. It would be the day I revealed our chances for which teams were most likely to win the Stanley Cup and loyal commentators would have replied with how much I hate their favorite team. I never thought to say that, but I miss these comments. Aside from that, one of the most frequently asked questions about my model is the accuracy of his model in the past. This is a very important question, since past accuracy determines how much stock can be placed in the model. If he’s spit gibberish in the past, it probably won’t be very helpful.

But that was a question to which I had no answer because the model was created last summer. It is based on similar models that I have used for three years, but it is not about the same model, nor a period long enough to use either. It’s not as simple as saying that these are the teams he loved…


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