Retired Georges St-Pierre: “I am the happiest man in the world”


Georges St-Pierre is enjoying his retirement and does not plan to return to the UFC ring soon.

“I’m the happiest man in the world and I wouldn’t want to move places with anyone else,” St-Pierre said in an interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani on Tuesday. “To go back and do the same routine that I did before, I have done it for so long, I do not have the same motivation as before. “

The Montreal native retired from mixed martial arts in 2019 after 26-2 in 28 fights in 15 years, ending with Michael Bisping’s retirement from UFC 217 in 2017.

Helwani asked St-Pierre what it would take to return and said that something should surprise him to bring him back to the ring.

“It would have to be a complete 180-degree turnaround,” said St-Pierre of the return. “It wouldn’t take me much to be in the shape of a fight, I can still do it … I just don’t know if I want to come back to it.” “

The 38-year-old says he has enjoyed a relaxed career after the fight and that he does not miss the stress of preparing for fights.

“Sometimes when I’m in the gym or watching a fight, sometimes I’m excited and I watch the fight and say,” Man, I know I can beat these guys, “said St-Pierre. “But then I wake up in the morning … I don’t want to resume this stressful lifestyle. “


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