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Welcome to day 8 of our live coverage of PDC Darts Home Tour.

Friday night, world number 15 Jonny Clayton advanced to the next round with a perfect record of three consecutive wins.

It was a close encounter, however, the group was undecided until the final match, in which Clayton, Adam Hunt or David Pallett could have won.

It was the Welshman who finally reigned victorious, Hunt with two wins out of three; Pallet lost two games and won one.

It was a tough evening for Richard North, who lost his three games.

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Live updates

The action continues tomorrow night with Michael Smith, Martijn Kleermaker, Harry Ward and Matt Clark entering the tournament.

A quick summary then. Clayton leads the group after three of three wins. Hunt finished second after two wins and one loss. Pallett was third, while North finished last with three consecutive losses.

Clayton on his victory: “It’s difficult to play against friends. We’re all good friends and it’s hard to play, you know? I’m just glad I won my three games. “

And it’s done! A 5-2 victory for Jonny Clayton, who takes the group with three wins out of three. Dominant!

A crucial 15-dart break for Clayton, who only needs one more leg to secure the group’s victory. Pallett, on the other hand, must win the remaining three games, while increasing his average. Tough.

A few takes ensue, the score is now 2-2. It’s tense, really tense. It’s always anyone’s game. Clayton is getting closer to the four legs he needs.

As a reminder, Clayton only needs four steps to win the group, even if he loses.

Clayton levels. 1-1. 20, 20, double top. Easy.

And Pallett takes the first leg. 1-0. His dream of dominating the group is still alive!

So, with one game remaining, everything is still wide open. Clayton has two wins out of two, and if he wins against Pallett, he wins the group.

Pallett and Hunt – who just beat North 5-1 – can still win this one. It’s a bit complicated, that.

By the end of that last game, Clayton, Hunt and Pallett could all be tied. If Pallett wins 5-3, everything – including the leg difference – will be equal.

Then you’ll have to go down to averages – which right now, just over 90, would give Clayton the win.

I hope everything makes sense.

Hunt wins 5-1! An absolute hit!

So no whitewash then, but a real hiding place for Hunt, who ended the match with a check-out of 144.

North, however, finished with three of three losses.

4-0. Is there incoming bleaching?

Hunt takes the first step. As a reminder, if he wins big, he can so far dominate the group. Although Clayton has yet to play his third and final game.

North and Hunt played twice, the latter claiming the victory twice. But as we have seen throughout the tournament, form means nothing!

“Adam is a very good friend, and I’m going to crush him,” said North. A good idea of ​​it.

Richard North is out now after two losses against two. It must be said that he played pretty well tonight. A difficult break.

He’s next against Adam Hunt.

Clayton wins 5-3! A very close encounter comes to an end, Clayton dropping to two wins against two.

Clayton was put under pressure by consecutive northern maximums. But he survives, checking 78 to take the leg. He moves 4-3 and North must win the remaining two legs.

The benefits of launching first.

The catches continue. It’s tight. North, who lost his 5-2 game, would blow the group up with a win over Clayton. 3-3 the score and nothing to separate the two.

The 180 continues to roll while Clayton places 32 with a delicious maximum. He failed to capitalize three times, however, North eventually held up with 16 darts.

Incredibly, Clayton hit two maximums in this leg and yet did not prevail.


Format, print and calendar

Four players will be in action from 7:30 p.m. BST every night for 32 consecutive days from Friday, and 32 group winners will advance to the second stage of the competition.

Nights one to four draws and results

Group 1 – Friday April 17

  • Peter Wright 5-4 Peter Jacques
  • Jamie Lewis 3-5 Niels Zonneveld
  • Peter Jacques 5-2 Niels Zonneveld
  • Peter Wright 1-5 Jamie Lewis
  • Jamie Lewis 5-4 Peter Jacques
  • Niels Zonneveld 1-5 Peter Wright

Group 2 – Saturday April 18

  • Gerwyn 5-2 Rowby-John Rodriguez Award
  • Luke Woodhouse 5-2 Ted Evetts
  • Rowby-John Rodriguez 3-5 Ted Evetts
  • Gerwyn Price 0-5 Luke Woodhouse
  • Luke Woodhouse 5-2 Rowby-John Rodriguez
  • Ted Evetts 2-5 Gerwyn Prize

Group 3 – Sunday April 19

  • Dave Chisnall 5-2 Scott Waites
  • Jan Dekker 4-5 Jonathan Worsley
  • Scott Waites 5-1 Jonathan Worsley
  • Dave Chisnall 5-0 Jan Dekker
  • Jan Dekker 1-5 Scott Waites
  • Jonathan Worsley 1-5 Dave Chisnall

Group four – Monday April 20

  • Ross Smith 5-1 Lisa Ashton
  • Mickey Mansell 4-5 Geert Nentjes
  • Lisa Ashton 5-3 Geert Nentjes
  • Ross Smith 3-5 Mickey Mansell
  • Mickey Mansell 5-3 Lisa Ashton
  • Geert Nentjes 5-3 Ross Smith

Group 5 – Tuesday April 21

  • Luke Humphries 3-5 Nick Kenny
  • Devon Petersen 1-5 Joe Murnan
  • Nick Kenny 5-2 Joe Murnan
  • Luke Humphries 5-4 Devon Petersen
  • Devon Petersen 3-5 Nick Kenny
  • Joe Murnan 3-5 Luke Humphries

Group 6 – Wednesday April 22

  • James Wade 5-2 Adrian Gray
  • Ryan Searle 5-1 Andy Boulton
  • Adrian Gray 5-2 Andy Boulton
  • James Wade 3-5 Ryan Searle
  • Ryan Searle 5-2 Adrian Gray
  • Andy Boulton 5-0 James Wade

Group 7 – Thursday April 23

  • Gabriel Clemens vs. Ryan Meikle
  • Jelle Klaasen vs. Gavin Carlin
  • Ryan Meikle vs. Gavin Carlin
  • Gabriel Clemens against Jelle Klaasen
  • Jelle Klaasen vs. Ryan Meikle
  • Gavin Carlin against Gabriel Clemens
Group eight – Friday April 24

  • Jonny Clayton vs. Adam Hunt
  • Richard North vs. David Pallett
  • Adam Hunt vs. David Pallett
  • Jonny Clayton vs. Richard North
  • Richard North vs. Adam Hunt
  • David Pallett vs. Jonny Clayton

How to watch TV and live stream online

Matches will be streamed live on PDCTV for free to registered PDCTV users, including those with free subscriptions. Sign up for free to watch all the action on TV or online.

Tournament rules

  • All matches are best of nine legs (from first to five).
  • The player on the left of the luminaire will launch the first in the odd legs.
  • Two points awarded for a victory.
  • If the players finish the level with points, the leg difference will be used to decide the positions. If the difference in points and legs is equal between two players, the winner of the game between the two players will determine which one finishes best. If the points and the leg difference are equal between three players, the overall average of each player (over the three matches of the night) will be used to determine who finishes best.

Sheet Music and Comments

To add a layer of shine to the procedures, there will be live score graphs on screen as well as comments by Rob Dawson.

Prize money

There is no cash prize, just appearance fees, and Barry Hearn is talking about a similar model for the snooker.


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