Resident of long-term care facility in Sitka tests positive for COVID-19


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The individual, a resident of the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium Sitka Long-Term Care, was “immediately isolated and transferred to Mt. Edgecumbe Medical Center, “Sitka officials said in a statement.

“Plans have been implemented to ensure the safety of other residents of the SLTC. An investigation is underway to identify the source of the virus, “said local officials.

Health officials will isolate additional people if necessary, the statement said.

Although the case was announced on Saturday by the city and the borough of Sitka, it will not appear in the official count of the state of Alaska until Sunday.

COVID-19 cases reported by the state until the end of Friday, April 24. A new case confirmed in Sitka on Saturday will be reflected in state data on Sunday.

The state reports positive cases of COVID-19 based on the totals from the previous day.

As of Saturday, the state had reported no new cases of COVID-19 among test results reported the previous day, and no new deaths or hospitalizations.

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