Resident Evil 3: Lab Puzzle Guide


Although much of Resident Evil 3 remake remains faithful to the original game, the end has undergone a complete overhaul. There are new puzzles to solve in creating a special T virus vaccine. After Carlos finds a single vial of vaccine to save Jill in the hospital, Jill then ventures into NEST 2 to find it another so that it can be reproduced and hopefully prevent Raccoon City from being bombed.

If it’s already there, solving the Lab puzzle is extremely easy, and players simply need to adjust the three gauges to reach 50% at all levels. To do this, set the left to Mid, the center to High and the right to Low. This will activate the machine and allow Jill to withdraw the vaccine.

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For players who have not yet reached the turn, they are likely to start in the safe room after the sterilization room. This is a good place to have recorded progress as there are a few items to pick up, as well as the NEST 2 card for reference in order to get to the laboratory. Head from Storage to the second floor hallway, and after picking up the ammunition lying around, take the neutralization key.

Go back down the stairs, which should be littered with zombies, head to Lab 1 and collect the antigen sample. From there, head to the incubation lab, closely watching the zombie researchers along the way, who are not lacking. On the second floor of this lab, Jill can search the drawer on the wall for the necessary adjuvant sample.


From there, players must go back to the storage area to access the laboratory where the vaccine is made. Be ready when you enter Gateway B1, as four tubes will open and Jill will be invaded by Hunter Betas. The door in front of you will close until they are set. A couple of Magnums well placed in their heads will kill them all.

Once the vaccine is prepared, it’s time to face Nemesis once again!

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