Resident at Twelfth Nursing Home Dies from Coronavirus Outbreak in Facility


Twelve residents of a County Durham nursing home died after showing symptoms of coronavirus, it has been confirmed.

Care UK, the provider that manages Stanley Park Care Home, confirmed that the death toll had risen to 12 following an outbreak of the virus at the facility “late last month”.

Regional Director Karen Morrison said the home was “completely devastated by the fact that many residents have lost their lives because of what we think is Covid-19”.

“Our thoughts and condolences go out to all those families who have lost someone,” she added.

A seventh resident died on Saturday “after showing symptoms that could be Covid-19,” said a spokesperson.

Morrison said home caregivers had “all the PPE needed” and “have been using it meticulously since the first case was seen late last month”.

Of the 12 residents who died after showing symptoms, only one had been tested and diagnosed with the virus.

Another resident who tested positive for the virus is currently in hospital care.

“Despite everything that has happened,” said Morrison, the staff “continue to provide the best care in a friendly and professional manner.”


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