Report: Ivy League does not endorse a single exception for spring athletes



Even though the NCAA Division I Council has granted a spring student eligibility waiver, the Ivy League will continue its tradition and prevent graduate students from participating in athletics, tweeted by Dana Athletic O’Neil.

O’Neil also tweeted other fallout from the decision.

Because they cannot stay in a conference, players who choose to be graduate transfers to other conferences will be counted towards the scholarship limits.

O’Neil reported earlier this week that Michael Sowers withdrew from school at Princeton in order to return in 2021 – a precedent set by Rob Pannell after he broke his back, dropped out of school and returned at Cornell in 2013 (which would have been his fifth year).

The status of other notable Ivy League seniors – TD Ierlan and Jeff Teat in chief on the male side and Gabby Rosenzweig, Erin Barry and Tess D’Orsi on the female side – is likely to dominate much of the off-season discussion.

This is a developing story. US Lacrosse Magazine will provide updates if necessary.


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