Recycling collections to resume in Colchester after Easter


RECYCLING collections will resume once a month after Easter, it is announced.

The Colchester Council was forced to suspend collections of glass, cans, plastic, paper and cards due to personnel issues and new social distancing guidelines designed to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Thanks to additional recruitment, the council is now able to recover and resume recycling collections from next week, but they will be for a period of four weeks.

Black bags will continue to be picked up every two weeks and food waste every week.

Martin Goss, adviser responsible for waste, the environment and transport, said: “Our previous decision to suspend all our recycling collections, except for food waste, was difficult but absolutely necessary to maintain this essential service with reduced resources and protect our staff by adhering to government guidelines for self-reliance.

“There is a tremendous amount of work going on behind the scenes to increase recycling collections again, but we need to make sure that any changes to the service are made in a sustainable manner and that our staff and communities are protected, and that directives from the government are followed.

“To help our residents, we have stated that households can put an additional black bag of garbage when their biweekly garbage collection is due, and today’s announcement means that monthly collections for cans, glass, plastics, paper and cards can start after the Easter weekend. , which represents a significant advance in the current circumstances. “

Temporary limits of six recycling bags and two green boxes are in place for residents.

The collection days will remain the same, but a new temporary calendar has been developed to inform residents of the waste that will be collected when.

Council Chief Mark Cory added, “We appreciate the patience of all residents during this difficult time. Our goal remains the protection of people, we must all follow the advice of the government and not spread the virus.

“I would like to thank everyone who helped us maintain this essential service in these difficult and unprecedented times.

“Our staff do an excellent job of collecting food waste and black bags from over 82,000 households in the borough.

“Even with the current temporary recycling limits, we will collect about half a million containers and recycling bags every week. “

The collection of garden waste and textiles remains suspended for the foreseeable future.



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