Ready for the pros? Forget it – Giants coach Joe Judge says the draft is long term


Joe Judge rejected Wednesday’s idea that the New York Giants, due to the disruption of the NFL season, will have to look for “pro-ready” players in next week’s NFL 2020 draft.

“You are always looking for the best player available. To me, that means a long-term benefit, “said the Giants’ rookie head coach. “If you think you are taking someone who is ready for the pro, what all of these recruits discover the second they enter the building is that none of them are ready for the pro .

“That’s why they need the spring program. That’s why they need a training camp. This is why they have increasing difficulties as recruits. ”

It’s a blunt reminder that the project doesn’t necessarily have to do with the coming season. This is the long-term success of your football team.

“For me it’s about finding the player advantage, looking down the long term of a career and seeing who is going to be the best player with the most benefits for you,” said the judge.

“There is really no short-term solution or bandage. … No one is a finished product, whether it’s a student who is being spotted or a member of the league right now. “

The judge said that one of the things he had learned with the New England Patriots was to assess players based on future projections rather than past performance.

“The biggest part of the project is to assess the players not for what they have done in the past, but for what they can do in the future,” said the judge. “You have to be foresighted to see how their skills can really add to your team and how you will use them. “

The judge added that without Pro Days, visits by 30 people and other meetings or training sessions, it is essential to have trusted contacts in various university programs.

“For me, it’s important not just to talk to someone about this program, but to talk to someone you trust in this program, who will really tell you inside and out what this player looks like as a person, as a teammate and as a player on a daily. ”


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