RDJ’s Avengers and MCU companions wish him a happy birthday


RDJ Researcher Avengers & MCU co-stars wish him a happy birthday. As one of the most popular Marvel characters to appear on the big screen, Downey Jr.’s profile has increased dramatically over the past decade. Before his casting as Tony Stark, alias Iron ManDowney Jr. had also maintained an impressive career, with a wide variety of films to his credit. Twice-nominated for an Oscar, things started to take a different form for the Chaplin star once it became known as Iron Man in the film of the same name by Jon Favreau in 2008.

Not only has this high superhero status made Downey Jr. more recognizable than ever, but the resulting openness and entry into the action-packed MCU have undoubtedly transformed the star’s career. While Downey Jr was at one time more likely to appear in romantic comedies and dramas, the Iron Man status meant that a new action star was born. As a result, Downey Jr. has taken many other films for Marvel (including the incredibly popular Avengers franchise) and landed the lead role in Sherlock Holmes in the highly successful Guy Ritchie franchise of the same name.

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In addition to its large and varied fan base, Downey Jr. also has a large network of friends in Hollywood. Given the scale of the MCU, this is obvious, but seeing Twitter popping up with happy birthday tweets from fellow stars gives a glimpse into the reality of the RDJ. Downey turned 55 on April 4 and some of the biggest names in Hollywood took the time to share their love for him. You can see a little overview of some of the social media below, as well as Downey Jr.’s own Tweeted response to friends and supporters:

While the messages are undoubtedly sincere, there is, of course, a little humor added to the mix as well. Filmmaker and actor Taika Waititi opted for a standard birthday, although he randomly added a photo to his Tweet from British talk show host Graham Norton. There is little or no physical resemblance between Norton and Downey Jr., but Waititi’s unconventional sense of humor was fortunately not disturbed by such small details. The birthday GIF sent by Jeremy Renner is also quite interesting. A single “R” can be seen at the edge of the frame, which begs the question: is “R” specifically for Robert, or did Jeremy Renner have “Renner” written on his mantel in large golden letters ? Anyway, the letter was useful for birthday wishes.

Celebrating a birthday during a pandemic will not be an ideal process, but luckily social media can offer a method of staying in touch. Downey Jr. is one of many who will benefit from a somewhat moderate birthday celebration given the current circumstances. Still, when things get back to normal, fans can expect a variety of planned projects, including Sherlock Holmes 3 and an apparent cameo Black Widow. For now, however, fans will have to just follow Downey Jr. on social media and send a birthday wish during this difficult time.

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Source: Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Taika Waititi, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey Jr. all via Twitter

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