Rashford destroyed Alexander-Arnold was my fault, says Klopp


Publication date: Tuesday April 7, 2020 11:19

Jurgen Klopp says he feels responsible for the dismemberment that Trent Alexander-Arnold inflicted on Marcus Rashford in March 2018.

Rashford reigned supreme by scoring twice, putting himself behind his English colleague before turning around and shooting around the corner before finding a space left inside the box to shoot again at home,

United won a 2-1 victory over Liverpool at Old Trafford and it was a hard lesson for Alexander-Arnold, who later called it “one of his toughest days” and that he “under – esteemed “his compatriot.

Even against Real Madrid, who “tied up” against him in the Champions League final two months later, Alexander-Arnold was not released.

But Klopp thinks he was to blame for the situation against United, having failed to remind a young Alexander-Arnold to “close the house” against the fast Rashford.

“I know that after the match against United, a lot of people said immediately, it’s always like that in football,” they need a new right back “or whatever,” he told Guillem Balague Pure football podcast.

“If he makes mistakes like he did in this game, it is really my fault. Especially these errors were my fault.

“He doesn’t know how to close the interior in these situations. It is of course my mistake. You can say he knows it, but he has to use it too.

“Especially against Rashford who plays on the left wing, it is clear that you have to do it but I have not told him before the match. So I really feel responsible for this. “

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