Railway Tavern at Tulse Hill Announces Crowdfunding and Weekend to Cover Rent During Coronavirus Lockout


Railway Tavern at Tulse Hill Launches Crowdfunder to Cover Rent During Coronavirus Lockout

The popular Railway Tavern pub at Tulse Hill is hit hard by their owner’s insistence on continuing to pay rent during the foreclosure, and with no money to pay the bills, they ask the community to help him with a crowdfunder and a fundraising weekender.

Here is the text of their appeal:

Help save our rail tavern

As some of you may know, our owner, Star Pubs (Heineken UK), continues to charge us rent of £ 2,000 + VAT per week via forced lockout.

We have also overcome the shortcomings of any available state aid. While we can cover all other closing costs, rent poses an existential threat to The Railway Tavern as a business.

This crowdfunder aims to help cover our rent through foreclosure. We have also scheduled a charity evening with a stellar list of our dear friends and supporters. Our eternal thanks go to the artists who have all waived their fees.


Although the weekend event is unlikely to take place when we first open, it will happen as soon as security permits. Fortunately, we are fortunate to have space at The Railway and opening up with social distancing is workable for us, so we hope to see you all as soon as possible.

Obviously, the railway is not looking to profit and all funds raised beyond our rent bill will be donated to NHS charities. If our landlord or the government changes position, any excess money raised will go to NHS charities.

We thank you for your support. Keep yourself safe and we hope to have a pint with you soon.

More information

Donate to crowdfunder here

Buy weekend service tickets here


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