Rafael dos Anjos will not return to 155 pounds unless it “pays off financially”


The UFC will have to make an offer if it wants to see former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos return to the division where he reigned.

A welterweight fighter since June 2017, Rafael has found some success in his first fights in the heavyweight category, but has started wrestling with the greatest athletes in his last outings. However, he does not want to return to lightness because the process became far too grueling with age. In the past, he has said that he “could have died” with some of the horrible weight reductions he suffered to make 155 pounds.

In an interview with Ag Fight, Rafael revealed that he would only fall back into lightness if the UFC made an offer good enough to outweigh the test that weight reduction is for him, and provided that it also returns close to a title shot.

“This possibility is small. If the UFC needed it, I would need about four months to reduce my weight. I should talk to UFC about it and really think about it, because if I want to put my body back under this stress level, it should be for a fight worth the effort. ”

“If they told me I would fight a guy and fight for the belt right after, I might think about it. Rafael continued. “But some numbers should change because it is a big effort. Normally, people say I’m small, but my head is heavy, my bones are heavy. I was a light weight when I was 30, but now I’m 35. It’s not that I’m old or fat, but as you get older, your body becomes heavier. ”

Currently on a two-fight track, Dos Anjos (29-13) has lost the unanimous decisions of Leon Edwards and Michael Chiesa in his last outings, the most recent being a loss to Maverick in January. The last 35-year victory came in May 2019, when he finished Kevin Lee by submission.


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